eLandfill – Digital platform for landfill management

For who is this platform ?

You can be a landfill operator, private or public, a consultant, an equipment provider, a surveyor. This platform is made for you and many types of landfills:

  • Landfills in operation
  • Landfills with gas and leachate collection system
  • Landfills in restoration and afteruse monitoring


How much does it cost?

We like to think that the cost will be related to how ready your organization is with data.

The subscription is per month and that includes access to the platform for maximum 10 users, regular maintenance and you will always enjoy the latest features.

We propose to help you with the data management of your landfill site and we can do that as consultants and organize workshops (physical/​online), brainstorming sessions and data collection and treatment to make it ready for the platform. The platform will help you standardize any new input and export but we do understand that you also want to use data collected in the past and put them to the same level. That part, we call it digitalization.

We can have a preliminary meeting to understand the situation (free of charge) and then give you an offer including preparation work and regular monthly costs.

What type of data can we handle?

Pretty much all sorts of data can be handle by the platform. Here are some examples:

  • Landfill gas, leachate, groundwater
  • Orthomosaics, DSM, etc.
  • GIS format file, shapefiles, etc.
  • Online feed of data through APIs
  • If we can get raw files, we can convert pretty much all data

User types

We think data should be available for all. But each role comes with different needs. We created several users type to fit each of the stakeholder involved in your landfill operation.

User role Functions
Organization manager Can access all landfills under the organization name.
Site Manager Can access one landfill site, read and write. Upload data and Download reports.
Site Technician Can upload measurement and read all.
Site Contractor (Including external consultants). Can read.