Monitoring of Reykjavik Landfill Gas Collection

ReSource International is contracted by the municipal waste management company SORPA bs. for a period of 2 years to monitor the landfill gas collection system at Reykjavik landfill site in Álfsnes. The gas collection is more than 3.500.000 Nm³/​year which is upgraded and distributed (2.000.000 Nm³/​year) as biofuel for road transportation.


Innovative Biogas Upgrading

In 2013 RSI received a fund from the Innovation Center of Iceland in order to support the development of an innovative process for biogas upgrading based on micro-algae.

The process under development can be used as well on wastewater treatment plants and proposes in addition to biomethane production, the production of biodiesel and micro-​algae biomass.

The first presentation of the prototype was planned in Autumn 2014.


ReSource International ehf receives research funding from the National Energy Authority

ReSource International received a research funding from the National Energy Authority to support the project development of plastic pyrolysis technology.

The plastic pyrolysis offers the opportunity to transform plastic waste into liquid fuel suitable for vehicles. This process could secure part of Iceland fuel needs and decrease the impact of plastic waste on the island and its environment.