Thermal Imaging Services

ReSource is starting to provide a new service of thermal imaging using drones. We can do maps of the area with thermal pictures, and regular pictures and videos. Thermal imaging can be used for inspection of roofs, hot water pipes, storage leakage, surveying of geothermal areas and much more! Have a look at some example here and don´t hesitate to contact us for more information or if you would like a survey.


An open-​source volumetric gasmeter for lab scale fermentation processes

Biogas potential tests are the most relevant tests today to predict biogas production from biomass. They are often done using expensive equipment such as pressure sensors or small-​scale gas flow meter. In order to reduce costs and be able to have a higher number of replicates, it is necessary to provide research facilities with lower cost solutions without compromising precision of the measurements.

The environmental engineering and services company, ReSource International based in Reykjavik, Iceland has developed an open-​source system based on classical water displacement measurement. The system called #Bioklik is based on the open-​source Arduino board and operates automatically to measure a low flow of gas from fermentation processes. The #Bioklik system can also be used to monitor any other kind of fermentation process operated at laboratory scale with a continuous flow of gas such as brewing for example.

The design and files from the prototype will be available soon on our website in the spirit of the open-​source movement.

Are you interested in this project?

We would like to gather interest from the community to help us determine the potential of this project and to determine who would be interested in ordering at least the Arduino shield or the full unit.


Cleaning Water for the Environment: Coca-​Cola Iceland

ReSource International is installing a 325 l fully-​automatized fish tank equipped with the smart monitoring system for Coca-​Cola European Partners Ísland. For the ecosystem in the tank, we will use processed wastewater as a continuous proof it can be safely released back to the environment.

ReSource International is operating CCEP wastewater treatment plant in Reykjavík, which is the most advanced cleaning system in the country.


Plastic Welding Course

Staff at ReSource International received a training in plastic welding at the specialized company SET ehf. in Selfoss. Plastic welding is largely used in the field of landfill gas collection and water and wastewater transportation. Some ground learning for all the team is a plus and emphasizes our willing to integrate the whole chain from design to installation to operation and maintenance.


Percolation Project

Börkur Smári Krist­ins­son our master student from the technical university of Zurich (ETH) received the visit of Morgunblaðið journalist. The purpose of the visit was to show a new “washing machine” for mixed solid waste that produces methane.

His task aims at the investigation of the percolation techniques to use in the new biogas station and composting of MSW which should be up and running in 2018 at SORPA. The future plant decided by SORPA will be using the technology developed by Aikan.

The video is in Icelandic.


New Tool for Environmental Surveying

Technology is bringing constantly new ways of monitoring our environment and help human activities to get more efficient and precise.

In addition of our regular drone surveying that allows us to get precise 2D and 3D mapping of land and industrial sites, ReSource International is starting to use an infrared camera (NDVI) in order to evaluate the health of vegetation. Using infrared cameras and with special image processing, it is possible to evaluate quantitatively for a site where the vegetation growth is the happening or not.

Applications for this type of surveying are wide. NDVI mapping can be used for agriculture, land conservation, gold course, landscaping, etc. One of our main wishes is to use this technology in order to assess tourism impact on the ground for touristic sites using in parallel the classical aerial mapping and analyzing land deterioration.

Below is an example of regular aerial mapping, and two sorts of image treatment for NDVI mapping for the same area.

Regular mapping:

RGB Example

NDVI: Black is no vegetation at all. Red is growing vegetation. Green and yellow is low vegetation.

Cropped Color Index -1

NDVI 2: Red is no vegetation at all or little growth. Green and yellow is vegetation.

NDVI example

In both NDVI pictures, it is possible to see clearly where people have been walking on the vegetation and therefore spot possible improvements. If you are interested in environmental surveying, check our Vegetation Monitoring page or contact us.


Aðalfundur FENÚR 2016

Aðalfundur FENÚR 2016
Haldinn mánudaginn 11. apríl kl. 11:00
Gámaþjónustunni, Hringhella 6, Hafnarfirði

Dagskrá aðalfundar:

  • Kosning fundarstjóra.
  • Skýrsla stjórnar félagsins um starfsemi síðasta árs.
  • Reikningar félagsins fyrir liðið starfsár.
  • Umfjöllun um skýrslu stjórnar og reikninga.
  • Áætlun um starfsemi næsta árs.
  • Framkomnar tillögur.
  • Rekstraráætlun fyrir næsta ár.
  • Kjör formanns.
  • Kjör annarra stjórnarmanna.
  • Kjör skoðunarmanna.
  • Önnur mál.

Stjórn samanstendur af:

Helgi Lárusson, sitjandi formaður, gefur kost á sér í formannsembættið.

Ásmundur Einarsson kom í stjórn 2014, Ragna Dagbjört Davíðsdóttir, Lúðvík Gústafsson og Nicolas Marino Proietti komu í stjórn 2015. Ekkert sæti aðalsmanns er því laust. Bryndís Skúladóttir og Hrefna B. Jónsdóttir eru varamenn. Varamenn eru kosnir til eins árs í senn og sætin laus.

Hádegisverður er borinn fram kl. 12:00

Málstofa FENÚR 2015

Hvernig náum við markmiðum í úrgangsmálum ?

13:00 Inngangserindi og umræðuhópar

15:30 Skoðunarferð um starfssvæði Gámaþjónustunnar

Fundarstjóri: Elías Ólafsson, Gámaþjónustan

Ráðstefnugjald er 5.000 fyrir félagsmenn, 8.000 fyrir utanfélagsmenn og 3.000 fyrir námsmenn. Skráning á fenur@​fenur.​is vinsamlegast takið fram hvort viðkomandi verður í hádegismat.


New Funding in Marine Resources Utilization

The ReSource International project aiming at developing biofuel production from fishery and fish processing by-​products has received a grant from the marine R&D fund AVS. The project is run in collaboration with the Innovation Center of Iceland.


ReSource International Joins CSR Iceland

ReSource International has joined FESTA/​CSR Iceland. Festa- Icelandic Center for Corporate Social Responsibility is a non-​profit organization that works nationally with companies and organizations to increase their corporate social responsibility. Festa introduces best practices in implementing a CSR policy, promotes discussion about CSR, offers a network for companies to share and learn from each other and encourages academia to teach and research CSR. It was founded in 2011 by six companies and today it consists of 80 members from various parts of the Icelandic economy, ranging from NGO´s to large corporations.

ReSource International is one of the most recent members of Festa. By joining this platform, RSI wants to offer services to companies within Festa and beyond by providing GHG inventories and assistance with CSR strategy planning and reporting, as well as participating in the constant dialogue of CSR.


Haustráðstefna Fenúr – Hringrás plasts

Haustráðstefna FENÚR – Hringrás plasts verður haldin 27. október, þriðjudaginn 27. október kl. 10.00 – 16.00 í Ölgerðinni, Grjóthálsi 7 – 11.


  • Ölgerðin, endurvinnsla og umhverfisstefna
    Andri Þór Guðmundsson, Ölgerðin
  • Plast í umhverfinu – Samfélagsábyrgð
    Kristín Linda Árnadóttir, Umhverfisstofnun
  • Endurvinnsla á plastumbúðum frá heimilum
    Guðlaugur Sverrisson, Úrvinnslusjóður
  • Útflutningur og endurvinnsla á plasti
    Gunnar Bragason, Gámaþjónustan
  • Framleiðsla olíu úr plasti
    Jón Steindór Árnason, GPO
  • Hádegisverður
  • Framleiðendaábyrgð á veiðarfæri
    Haukur Þór Hauksson, SFS
  • Plastagnir í hafi
    Hrönn Ólína Jörundsdóttir, Matís
  • Endurnotkun varahluta
    Aðalheiður Jacobsen, Netpartar
  • Endurvinnsla heyrúlluplasts
    Sigurður Halldórsson, Fengur
  • Ársfundur ISWA
    Nicolas Marino Proietti, Stjórn Fenúr
  • Tölum um umbúðir
    Stefán Hrafn Hagalín, Oddi
  • Heimsókn til Odda
    Fossháls 17, beint á móti Ölgerðinni

Ráðstefnustjóri er Helgi Lárusson, formaður Fenúr

Ráðstefnugjald er 6.000 fyrir félagsmenn, 8.000 fyrir utanfélagsmenn og 3.000 fyrir námsmenn.

Skráning á fenur@​fenur.​is