Radio Interview – Waste Incineration in Iceland

The CEO of ReSource, Karl Eðvaldsson, was interviewed by the radio program “Samfélagið” on Rás 1 on the 19th of January where waste incineration in Iceland was discussed. The interview was linked to the report that ReSource did for the Environmental Protection Agency of Iceland, written at the request of the Ministry of Environment on the use of waste incinerators in Iceland. The interesting interview can be listened to, here in Icelandic: Samfélagið – sorpbrennsla á Íslandi 


Study on Waste Incinerators in Iceland

We are proud to present the results of our project for the Environmental Agency of Iceland, written at the request of the Ministry of Environment, on the subject of waste incinerators in Iceland.

The report was introduced at a virtual meeting regarding advanced waste incinerators organised by the Association of Municipalities, the Ministry of Environment, and the Association of Waste Management in the southwest region. It’s possible to see a recording of the meeting here in Icelandic (Icelandic) Meðhöndlun úrgangs.

At the meeting, the Minister for Environment Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson said, “I found it necessary to call for a professional assessment of the possibilities which are available to us regarding incineration with energy recovery. It is clear that there will always be some amount of waste which is not possible to reuse or recycle and that it is better to incinerate this than to landfill it. This report is an important contribution to the debate about the future of incineration in Iceland in the next years and decades, and it is now possible to work further on this issue with co-​operation from the state, municipalities and private companies. We should however not forget that the greatest emphasis must be placed on preventing that raw materials become waste, and it is necessary to greatly increase recycling of waste, not least domestically, as part of the circular economy concept.”

The report has been made accessible on the website of the Government of Iceland: Greining á þörf sorpbrennslustöðva á Íslandi 


Do you want to develop a solution for a sustainable future?

ReSource is looking for a positive and open-​minded individual that can take part in the development of our platforms that are used to deliver data to our customers. The individual that ReSource is looking for should be willing to work both in teams and independently.

The environmental data we deliver to clients is complex and comes at an ever increasing frequency, particularly so in the waste and recycling industry. We are looking for a person who can drive development of ReSource’s data delivery and analysis platforms, which clients will use to make waste management more efficient and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Key responsibilities

– Be part of our team that designs, builds and maintains our platforms

– Work with engineers and specialists across the company on integrating different types of data streams and geospatial data

– Collaborate with our customers in understanding their needs

– Improve our internal engineering and software standards, tools, and processes

– Be willing to take the lead in decision making

Key skills and experience

– Programming experience in Python and JavaScript

– JavaScript frontend frameworks, e.g. React

– Python backend web frameworks, e.g. Flask

– Building relational databases (SQL/​Postgres)

– English proficiency

– Being proactive and take the initiative

Nice to have but not necessary

– Working with geodata and spatial databases (Qgis, Postgis)

– Experience with cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, Heroku)

– Experience with Mapbox for displaying geodata

– Interest in remote sensing and drone and satellite imaging and data

– Knowledge in C++ and embedded systems development

About Resource

ReSource International is a company specialized in environmental consulting and services. We have developed over the past years a strong knowledge on waste management and operation of landfill sites. We are aiming at providing services with an innovative approach and develop new concepts in the field. The company is in continuous growth and now is expanding with activities outside Iceland with office in Sweden and Switzerland. Our team members are passionate about environmental topics and are driven by meaningful projects to develop a sustainable society.

Apply for job

Information for applicantsWe encourage the candidate interested in learning more to contact us at the email address job@​resource.​is Please send us an email/​letter of motivation along with your CV or Linkedin or other support material (portfolio, links, etc.). 


Standardization of waste labelling in Iceland

We can share some good news about the standardization of waste labelling in Iceland. FENÚR (Professional Icelandic Waste Association) has prepared a handbook on standardized labels for waste collection in Iceland with a grant from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources. See more about it on www​.fenur​.is.

ReSource congratulates FENÚR on this initiative. Reykjavik city has already introduced it and will implement these standardized waste labels in the city. You can see more about it here. This system is simple, standard and is intended to promote better sorting of waste and support improved waste management in Iceland. 


GASTRAQ – Gas Tracing and Quantification

In August 2020, ReSource was awarded a two-​year grant from the Technical Development Fund of Iceland (www​.rannis​.is) to continue technical development of the GASTRAQ service and product, which offers precise quantification and mapping of invisible greenhouse gas emissions.

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 and methane (CH4) is a highly difficult problem except where they are confined by a pipe such as a chimney or a car exhaust. It requires high granular measurement of precise gas concentrations and windspeeds across 3D space, and up until now, this has been an unsolved problem for climate science, environmental regulation and leak detection.

Drones are an obvious solution to the problem, and ReSource has used its experience to fly a high precision gas sensor and anemometer to make these measurements, as well as developing models to give a measurement of total flux or to pinpoint emissions on a map. More about the measurements can be found here.

We thank RANNÍS, the Icelandic Research Council, for the acceleration of this project from prototype stage to a final product.


Smart Bins project in Switzerland

ReSource have set up the first Proof of Concept (PoC) in Switzerland for Smart Bins. Thanks to the municipality of Thônex to believe in our smart waste management as a service and the support from Sensoneo for providing the smart bin solution and the Groupe SERBECO.

The project aims to develop even further in the country with a new vision on waste management, that would benefit citizens, municipalities, waste collectors, equipment providers and our environment.


We are thankful for the Ministry of the Environment support

ReSource International ehf. Is participating in a research project regarding waste management solutions in coöperation with Skaftárhreppur county and The Social Science Research Institute, University of Iceland. The aim is to research how different waste collection solutions activate users to increase recycling and promotes a positive user experience.

We are honoured and humbled for the interest and support in this project but an agreement was signed by the Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources and the president of the municipal council of Skaftárhreppur earlier this week.

Click here to see the clip


Enholmen – A good day to fly!

It´s 25 degrees Celsius outside our Swedish office on Tuesday the 9th of June 2020 and a boat full of enthusiastic volunteers is about to leave from the little port of Slite, Gotland.
The boat is heading towards Enholmen, “the island within the island”, just about 700m away from our office based in Slite Utveckling business park. With equipment at hand, the adventure begins!

The sun is strong and our pilot has even gotten some sunburn, something to remember in our future pre-​flight checks and risk assessments. But there he is an adventurer ready to discover the island of Enholmen. Fly over a 3D model Enholmen here.

Yes! You got it, it´s the brand new Matrice 200 RTK 2.0! Ready for mapping!

The flight was commissioned by Slite Utveckling AB in occasion of the inauguration of their first trip of the season to Enholmen. Not only ReSource produced a digital map of the island, but also did we provide the filmmaker with good material for the advertisement video. Click here to see the clip! 

Drones keep showing their potential even in time of crisis!


Water- and wastewater sampling

ReSource specialises in environmental sampling. Among those are water- and wastewater sampling where the samples are analysed at our professionally equipped laboratory.


Emission measurements on landfills

ReSource International participated in a project in Gotland in Sweden, in which four different emissions quantification techniques were tested on a series of landfills and against known emissions sources. The objective of the project was to compare the pros and cons of these methods and find the best and most accurate emission measure technique for landfills. ReSource joined with a greenhouse gas sensor attached to a Matrice 600 UAV. The UAV method gave similar results to the tracer gas method, a well-​proven technology in the field, and appeared to be more precise than the standard flux chamber method. The results are now being written up as an academic journal article.

The project was done in collaboration with Force Technology, The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Lund University, Sweco AB, Avfall Sverige, The Municipality of Gotland, Northern Sky Research (NSR) and Hässleholm Miljö AB.

Read more about the project in the link below: