Standardization of waste labelling in Iceland

We can share some good news about the standardization of waste labelling in Iceland. FENÚR (Professional Icelandic Waste Association) has prepared a handbook on standardized labels for waste collection in Iceland with a grant from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources. See more about it on www​.fenur​.is.

ReSource congratulates FENÚR on this initiative. Reykjavik city has already introduced it and will implement these standardized waste labels in the city. You can see more about it here. This system is simple, standard and is intended to promote better sorting of waste and support improved waste management in Iceland. 


GASTRAQ – Gas Tracing and Quantification

In August 2020, ReSource was awarded a two-​year grant from the Technical Development Fund of Iceland (www​.rannis​.is) to continue technical development of the GASTRAQ service and product, which offers precise quantification and mapping of invisible greenhouse gas emissions.

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 and methane (CH4) is a highly difficult problem except where they are confined by a pipe such as a chimney or a car exhaust. It requires high granular measurement of precise gas concentrations and windspeeds across 3D space, and up until now, this has been an unsolved problem for climate science, environmental regulation and leak detection.

Drones are an obvious solution to the problem, and ReSource has used its experience to fly a high precision gas sensor and anemometer to make these measurements, as well as developing models to give a measurement of total flux or to pinpoint emissions on a map. More about the measurements can be found here.

We thank RANNÍS, the Icelandic Research Council, for the acceleration of this project from prototype stage to a final product.