Leak Detection on Hot Water Pipelines

ReSource International has successfully completed the detection of leakage on hot water pipelines. Our company is using drones equipped with a thermal camera to inspect several kilometres long hot water pipelines for the water facilities in Iceland. This method allows to document hot water leaks and can be applied even in remote areas. Using this method in partnership with the water facilities operators, it becomes possible to increase transport efficiency and reduce loss in hot water pipelines.


Measuring Microplastics in Landfill Leachate

In collaboration with the Swedish consulting company ÅF, ReSource has completed the sampling of two Icelandic landfills in Álfsnes and Fílfholt. The project is supported by the Nordic Co-​operation and the Swedish EPA and aims at the sampling and analysis of microplastics particles from landfill leachate.

During this project, the equipment designed and built by ReSource will be used in Iceland, Norway and Finland. The novelty of the equipment lays in the fact that large samples can be filtered straight on site, increasing the volume filtered and facilitating the processing of the samples for further analysis. Results will be published later this year.